POND CULTURE OF SUGPO, P. monodon (Fabricius)*



The idea for the preparation of this manuscript on sugpo pond culture started during the series of lectures on the various aspects of pond management given by members of the research staff of the Aquaculture Department (Leganes Station) to fishpond caretakers, helpers, and other pond personnel from September to November 1975. One of the authors had previous extensive experience in managing a private fishpond. Work on the manuscript began in earnest in early 1976 after roughly a one-year stint in the Leganes pond system working with both experimental and production aspects of P. monodon cultivation.

Furthermore, preparation of this manuscript was made possible by the on-going series of seminars on Sugpo Pond Cultivation and the Fishpond Cooperators Program sponsored by the Training and Extension Division of the Department.

Although a result of many drafts, this work is not meant to be the final word on sugpo pond culture. It is intended to serve as a guide to fish farmers, extension workers and others in their initial efforts to produce marketable sugpo for local consumption or export. Suggestions on improvements will be welcome since such will be essential to future revision of this manuscript.

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