On The Biology Of Anchovies (Stolephorus Lacepede) In Philippine Waters

K. Tiews
Institute fur Kusten-und Binnenfischerei der Bundesforschungsanstalt fur Fischerei, Hamburg, Germany

I.A. Ronquillo and P. Caces-Borja
Supervising Aquaculturist/Assistant Supervisor, BFAR


This paper analyses the results obtained from 397 samples of achovies totaling 208,530 specimens from Manila Bay and 81 samples totaling 54,530 specimen from other parts of the Philippines. It notes the inclusion in the catches of up to eight species of Stolephorus and derives some conclusions concerning growth rates, age at maturity, fecundity and spawning season for these fish. Levels of association of the different species in the catches of commercial vessels are indicated.

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