Population Parameters of Common Small Pelagic Fishes Caught by Ringnet in Manila Bay, Philippines

Noimie Rose B. Dicdiquin, Francisco SB. Torres, Eunice DC. Bognot, Mudjekeewis D. Santos and Grace DV. Lopez*


The growth and mortality parameters, exploitation ratios, and annual recruitment patterns of sardines (Sardinella gibbosaand Sardinella fimbriata) and mackerel (Rastrelliger brachysoma) caught by ring net in Manila Bay were estimated based on raised length-frequency data collected for one year (January to December 2014). Data were regularly collected in selected fish landing sites where ring netters regularly unload their catch. Results of the length frequency analysis are summarized. The growth parameters for the three species are as follows, Sardinella gibbosa (L∞ = 18.49 cm, K = 0.88 yr-1); Sardinella fimbriata (L∞ = 18.5 cm, K = 0.95 yr-1); and Rastrelliger brachysoma (L∞ = 28. 67 cm, k = 1.3 yr-1). The results showed only a slight difference from previous studies conducted in Manila Bay. For the mortality parameters, L50 and E-values, results showed increased values compared to previous studies. The E-values of the three species already exceeded the optimum exploitation value of E=0.5, indicating that overfishing is occurring.

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Keywords: Growth parameters, mortality parameters, exploitation rate, recruitment pattern

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Vertebrate Section, Capture Fisheries Research and Development Division,s
National Fisheries Research and Development Institute