Production of Milkfish in Combination with Common Carp and Thai Catfish in Fertilized Freshwater Ponds

John H. Grover
Freshwater Aquaculture Center* Central Luzon State University Muñoz, Nueva Ecija, 2320


Our first tests with milkfish culture in fertilized freshwater ponds produced standing crops averaging more than 500 kg/ha (Inland Fisheries Project, 1974). This experiment was to determine if the previous results could be repeated using the same organic-inorganic fertilization program. Another more economical fertilization program using phosphate only was also followed in some of the ponds. The previous experiment was in newly constructed ponds and took place during the hot season. This experiment was repeated in the same ponds but during the west season. Common carp, Cyprinus carpio, and Thai catfish, Clarias batrachus, were added to some of the ponds to determine if total production would be higher than when milkfish, Chanos chanos, was stocked alone.

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