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2017 NFRDI Review and Evaluation of On-going and Completed R&D Projects


The National Fisheries Research and Development Institute (NFRDI), as mandated by RA 8550, is tasked to ensure a sustainable Philippine fisheries through Research and Development (R&D) efforts with main objectives on generating scientific information as basis for sustainable management and policy recommendation, and improving fisheries technology for the industry and fisherfolk.

Presently, the NFRDI is implementing a total of 55 R&D Projects. Monitoring the progress and accomplishments of these projects is essential to see how the institute is fulfilling its mandates.

This year’s review and evaluation of R&D projects was held at La Breza Hotel on November 6-8, 2017. The three-day evaluation was organized and managed by the Policy, Planning, and Information Division.

In order to minimize bias, external technical evaluators were invited to review the projects based on a given set of criteria.  A total of 13 evaluators from the government, the non-government organization, the private sector, and the academe were tasked to review and assess the on-going and completed R&D projects of NFRDI. The evaluators will not only assess the progress and quality of projects, but they will also identify the best papers and best presenters for each project category and division. For the first day of the evaluation the Postharvest Division presented their researches followed by the Aquaculture Division on the second day, and the Capture Fisheries Division on the third day.

 Report from: Training Division