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Orientation Training of Enumerators

Taal, Batangas. The NFRDI-NFBC held a one-day orientation training of enumerators on the project of “Status of Taal Lake Capture Fisheries” under the National Stock Assessment Program last February 15, 2017 at NFBC Conference Room. The activity aimed to provide a refresher on the concepts of stock assessment program; to conduct hands on training on reproductive biology of fishes in Taal Lake and; to address the issues and concerns of enumerators and personnel involved in the study.

Morning session included lectures regarding the (1) Overview of NSAP, (2) Basic Concepts and Principles in Fish Stock Assessment (3) Fish Catch Monitoring and Sampling Method, all of which were discussed by Dr. Mutia and (4) Introduction of Fish Morphology and Taxonomic Tools for Species Identification discussed by Ms. Muyot. The following lectures were interactive since enumerators were able to ask and clarify their questions regarding the issues and concerns in the project.

The afternoon session included lecture about Reproductive Biology which was discussed by Ms. Charmane B. Nochete. The lecture was basically a refresher on the proper dissection of fish samples that can be found in Taal Lake and Pansipit River. After the lecture, a hands-on training in repro-bio was conducted, with the assistance of Ms. Nochete, Ms. Muyot and Ms. Shangrilla T. Seposo.  The training included identification and measurement of standard length, fork length, total length 1 and 2, girth and weight of fish samples, and identification of sex and gonadal stage of samples. The enumerators were given three samples for dissection. Sex and gonadal stage is very hard to identify since one should be meticulous in distinguishing the features of the gonads.

After the series of lectures and hands-on training, a moving exam was provided in order to assess the knowledge of enumerators regarding NSAP. The exam included discussions regarding the lectures and practical exam on reproductive biology. A total of 14 questions were set on the table and each question corresponds to 1 minute answer. Almost all the enumerators gained passing and high scores. The orientation training was a success since it was able to provide enumerators the venue for learning and interaction regarding the project.


Report from: National Fisheries Biological Center