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NFRDI Training Needs Identification, Prioritization, and Planning Workshop for 2018

The NFRDI Training Needs Identification, Prioritization, and Planning Workshop for 2018 was held at La Breza Hotel, 155 Mother Ignacia Avenue, Quezon City 1100 on November 9, 2017. The one-day workshop was headed by Dr. Mudjekeewis D. Santos, Chief of Training Division, and was attended by representatives from BFAR Regional Offices, BFAR Central Office, and division chiefs of NFRDI.

 Each representative from BFAR Regional Offices had a short presentation regarding the training they were already conducting and the training they deemed necessary for their region. In addition, two representatives from BFAR, namely Mr. Roy Ortega, Chief of Aquaculture Division, and Mr. Edwyn Alesna representing the Fisheries Regulatory and Licensing Division, presented the current training programs BFAR is conducting, as well as their proposed training programs. Mr. Ortega mentioned that it is about time for the institute to use the online platform or e-learning for the release of future training modules.He however stressed that e-learning is not enough because it should still be supported by a “meet and greet plus exam and practicals.” Mr. Alesna, on the other hand, suggested the orientation on the implementation of FAO 197-1 to newly-hired BFAR regional/provincial staff assigned to fishpond leasing and the demarcation on Fisheries Management Areas (FMAs), among others. An insightful and fruitful discussion was done after every presentation, showing how everyone wanted to take part in each office’s staff and clients’ development through training.

Director Drusila Esther E. Bayate, CESO IV, the Interim Executive Director of NFRDI, also graced the event and delivered an inspiring message to the participants. She gave suggestions on how the training should be done in a way that will ensure everyone be capacitated and further suggesting that priority will be given to the younger personnel in future training programs to be conducted.

A breakout session was conducted in the afternoon session wherein the participants were divided into three groups: BFAR organizational-focused, BFAR client-focused, and NFRDI organizational- and client-focused group. They identified the top three training they wanted to have for next year and the reasons behind.

The plenary discussion was headed by Dr. Santos consolidating everyone’s inputs while also discussing some clarifications on the training needs the participants listed. Remarks were noted and were put in a matrix for easier facilitation of discussion. 

 Dr. Santos optimistically said that the workshop is an initial step towards rationalizing the training programs of BFAR and the NFRDI.


Report from: Training Division