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Our Mission

Generate scientific information, technologies and knowledge that will respond to the needs of the fisheries industry and fisherfolk and to serve as
basis for sustainable fisheries management and policy formulation.

Our Vision

To establish an effective, relevant and responsive Philippine fisheries research and development institution towards an industry that is sustainable and
globally competitive.

Yellowfin Tuna

The yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) is a species of tuna found in pelagic waters of tropical and subtropical oceans worldwide. Yellowfin is often marketed as ahi,
from its Hawaiian name ʻahi although the name
ʻahi in Hawaiian also refers to the closely related bigeye tuna.


Tilapia is one of the top ten most important aquatic species cultured
in the world and second most important cultured fish in the Philippines next to milkfish and considered as the “Fish of the masses” in the country.
Tilapia belongs to the family Cichlidae which is widely grown in warm countries both in domestic and commercial scale.

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 POSTED BY: Information Group | DATE: 2014-08-29

The National Fisheries Research and Development Institute (NFRDI) capped this year’s observance of the “Civil Servants Health and Wellness Month” by conducting its annual  sports fest held from July 30 to July 31, 2014 at Quezon City Memorial Circle Sports Complex.


The sports activity has become the Institute’s commitment in promoting health and wellness and further encourages its employees to engage in physical activities purposely to shed some calorie...

 POSTED BY: Human Resources Management Unit | DATE: 2014-08-29

In a continuing effort to promote awareness and enhance the reproductive health of the Institute’s female workforce, the National Fisheries Research and Development Institute (NFRDI) held a one day Seminar on Women’s Reproductive Health on June 8, 2014 at the NFRDI Conference Room. The seminar is part of the Civil Servants’ Health and Wellness Month Celebration as provided for under the CSC MC No. 21 series of 2009 which requires public sector employees to take part in activities regarding fi...

 POSTED BY: Information Group | DATE: 2014-08-29

The NFRDI Manila Bay Project conducted its Mid-Year Project Evaluation and Workshop last July 21-26, 2014 at the Oasis Resort, Tanza, Cavite. The participants are the members of the project and data enumerators from the field. The event aimed to orient the new and refresh the old data enumerators on the sampling method of fishery resources assessment and to the fish and fishing gear identification. The activity also aimed to evaluate the results of the project from January 2012 up to the present.


 POSTED BY: Interim Deputy Director Office | DATE: 2014-08-28

The lana Sardinas Caravan Tour, which aims to raise the level awareness of the local stakeholders on the importance of managing marine resources in the sardine capital of the country has been carried out on  14-19 July 2014 Zamboanga Peninsula.


The weeklong info campaign, consisting of a musical puppet...


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